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EMC & Florida RF Capabilities Brochure Microwave Component Catalog
This brochure outlines the extensive capabilities of EMC Technology and Florida RF Labs in a quick overview. A comprehensive overview of EMC Technology Microwave Components including: Thermopads, Fixed Attenuators, Terminations, Resistors, Diamond RF Resistives, Hybrid and Directional Couplers.
 Space Heritage  Engineering Reference Guide
EMC Technology / Florida RF Labs has been supplying RF Passive Components for space flight missions for over 40 years. This brochure outlines the devices available for these demanding applications. This reference guide provides a myriad of information including: Product Frequency Bands. Useful Equations. Microstrip Transmission Line Reference Table. Effect of VSWR on Transmitted Power. And more...

Product Specific Information

 Temperature Variable Attenuators for Commercial Applications Non Magnetic Products
EMC Attenuators   Non-magnetic Components - MRI
EMC Technolgy temperature variable attenuators offer design flexibility by using the same footprint as EMC surface mount fixed attenuators. Input power from 100mW to 2W. Design kits are available. Non-magnetic components support MRI and other high magnetic field applications 
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