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NXP Product Videos

See an array of product videos from the Unbreakable BLF578XR LDMOS Transistor to the Ultra-Wideband Doherty Amplifier, the BLF888D.

NXP's Unbreakable BLF578XR LDMOS Power Transistor NXP's BLF888D Ultra-Wideband Doherty Amplifier
NXP BLM7G1822S-80A Asymmetric Doherty MMIC for Microcells NXP's TFF1024HN DVB-S Satellite Downconverter
NXP LNAs - Low Cost and Reliable NXP Gen8+ LDMOS Transistors for TD-LTE Networks
IMS2014 NXP Booth Review NXP Base Station Demo's from IMS 2014

NXP Ruggedized XR Transistors
NXP’s innovative 50 V XR family of eXtremely Rugged LDMOS RF power transistors answers the market need for higher output power, while lowering system cost and eliminating the usage of hazardous substances. Providing unsurpassed ruggedness under real-world conditions, they also simplify design-in.

Download our white paper ‘Extremely rugged 50 V LDMOS devices capture ISM and broadcast markets’, which takes an in-depth look at all the performance benefits. You’ll see how the superior performance of the XR LDMOS devices compares with the older VDMOS and other 50 V LDMOS technologies currently available in the market.


Extremely Rugged LDMOS Ups the Power: NXP Unveils BLF188XR

BLF188XR Extremely Rugged LDMOS TransistorThe BLF188XR is the newest member of NXP's XR family of “eXtremely Rugged” LDMOS RF power transistors. Designed for the toughest engineering environments, the BLF188XR delivers improved ruggedness in real-world conditions, capable of withstanding a severe load mismatch with VSWR greater than 65:1 at 5 dB of compression.

NXP Wideband Transistors

NXP  Wideband Transistors These next generation devices offer the best RF noise figure versus gain performance, drawing the lowest current. This performance allows for better signal reception at low power and enables RF receivers to operate more robustly in noisy environments.

Details for select NXP Wideband Transistors with links to datasheets and samples are just a click away. 

RF power UHF/DVB-T broadcasting at its best brochure

Supporting all broadcast amplifier designs in the 470 to 860 MHz band, this complete family of transistors delivers up to one octave wideband operation combined with field-proven ruggedness, highest efficiency, and outstanding linearity.

BLF178P for FM Transmitters 

The NXP BLF178P is a 1200W LDMOS power transistor targeted for use in broadcast (FM Transmitter) designs as well as industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications in the HF to 110MHz band. This high voltage (43 – 50V) transistor offers a lower cost alternative to devices currently on the market and provides high gain (26dB), high power (1200W) and high efficiency (75%). Although characterized to 110MHz, the BLF178P operates to 500MHz making it ideal for applications such as military radio, RF jamming, and exciters for MRI and CO2 lasers. This extremely rugged device is housed in a flanged Gemini package.

Performance Graphs for FM Transmitter Applications at 43 V and 50 V 

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NXP  RF Manual NXP Aerospace and  Defense Brochure
NXP RF Manual 18th Edition NXP Aerospace & Defense Brochure
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High Performance  RF Solutions for Wireless Infrastructure NXP High Performance Products
NXP RF Solutions for Infrastructure NXP High Performance Products Brochure
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