Spectrum Control Inc — Inmet Powerfilm

Spectrum Control Inc., Powerfilm designs and manufactures resistive surface mount devices that include both thin-film and thick-film technology available in chip, leaded, or flange-mount packages. These surface-mount devices include legacy designs from the former KDI business unit as well as Inmet rod resistors. The new Powerfilm™ brand surface-mount resistive components from Spectrum Control Inc., Powerfilm are enhanced to include even more reliability, options, frequency, and power than ever before. Employing a proprietary proven and economical thick/thin film processing approach, these resistive components are optimized for your high-power signal conditioning, leveling, gain optimization and matching network challenges. Visit the Spectrum Control Inc — Inmet Powerfilm Official Website
Spectrum Control Powerfilm SMT Resistive for High Frequency & High Power. Supports up to 8 GHz and 20 W.