Marki Microwave

Marki Microwave's goal is to invent technologies that empower the RF and microwave industry to design faster, simplify production, eliminate complexity and shatter performance barriers. All of their products are designed and developed in the United States with a specialized team and state of the art testing and CAD simulation software. Their approach is to collaborate with customers and suppliers to achieve the breakthroughs needed for today's ever-increasing demands of electronic products. All assembly and tests are performed under the supervision of their design engineer at the same facility. Their assembly capabilities include precision leaded and lead-free solder and wire bonding for gold/thin film assembly. Their portfolio of high performance components include broadband, low conversion loss, and highly linear mixers, high directivity, low return loss couplers and directional bridges, well balanced power dividers and hybrid couplers, and many other quality products.  Visit the Marki Microwave Official Website
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Marki Microwave Catalog   Marki Microwave's extensive catalog of highest performance passive and active solutions from DC to 125 GHz to support all your millimeter-wave design and testing needs.

Marki Microwave Catalog   Marki Microwave provides world-class support including downloadable non-linear models for ADS and Microwave Office, and evaluation modules for MMIC bare die and QFN products.

Marki Microwave Catalog   Marki Microwave passive components span DC to 125 GHz. This brochure highlights their selection of connectorized modules.