MACOM (Metelics)

MACOM (Metelics) offers a full line of silicon (Si) and gallium arsenide (GaAs) diodes, germanium (Ge) tunnel diodes, HBT amplifiers, resistors, inductors, capacitors, switches, NLTL comb generators and integrated devices. Products are available in wafer, chip and packaged form and fit for a variety of commercial, military, and high reliability (hi-rel) communications, electronic warfare (EW) and radar applications.  
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MACOM (Metelics) introduces High Power Handling Limiter Modules

Aeroflex High Power Limiter

The LM Series of surface mount diode limiters are available for high power receiver protection over frequency ranges as broad as 20 MHz to 8 GHz.


Used in military and commercial applications and spanning frequencies up to 8.5GHz with power levels up to 100W CW and 1,000W pulsed, these limiter modules are ideal for octave band RADAR applications. Some models also include built-in DC blocks. Read more about the Metelics High Power Limiters

Aeroflex Metelics Limiters for Radar Applications

High Power Surface Mount Limiter Modules

MACOM (Metelics) introduces Low Cost SMT control diodes.

MACOM (Metelics) has your drop-in solutions for several low cost surface mount control components.

Medium and high power PIN diode SPST switch elements are excellent for test instrumentation, software defined radio, and wireless infrastructures such as TD-SCDMA, WiMAX, WiBro, WLAN, and MIMO OFDM.

High dynamic range shunt attenuator diodes are ideal for test instrumentation and wireless infrastructures such as TD-SCDMA, WiMAX, WiBro, WLAN, point-topoint radio, and FWA.

GaAs and silicon Schottky mixer/detector diodes are perfect for test instrumentation, sensors, and wireless infrastructures such as point-topoint radio and FWA.

Low Cost Control Diodes Flyer

MACOM (Metelics) Surface Mount High Power SP2T and SP3T Switches

The RoHs Compliant MSW Series of SP2T and SP3T High Power Switches are offered in both asymmetrical (Transmit-Receive) and symmetrical (Balanced) configurations. They operate from 20 – 4,500 MHz with 158 W C.W. Power Handling to provide 0.25 dB Loss and better than 50 dB Isolation @ +25 °C in a low profile, compact Surface Mount Package. The SP2T Series outline is 8 mm L x 5 mm W x 2.5 mm H, and the SP3T outline is 8 mm L x 8 mm W x 2.5 mm H.

Key Features:

  • Higher Average Power Handling than Plastic Packaged MMICS (158 W C.W.)
  • Higher Peak Power Handling than Plastic packaged MMICS (650 W Peak Power)
  • Lower Insertion Loss (0.25 dB) and Higher IIP3 (65 dBm)
  • Operates for + D.C. Voltage Only (+5V to + 125 V)

SMT High-Power SP2T and SP3T Switch Flyer

MACOM (Metelics) Silicon Step Recovery Diodes

These Silicon Step Recovery diodes feature fully passivated, true mesa construction for sharp transitions and improved stability. The beam lead SRDs have the industry’s fastest transition times for millimeter wave multiplication and picosecond pulse forming.

Key Features:

  • Output combs to 40+ GHz
  • Transition times down to 35 ps
  • Screening per MIL-PRF-19500 and MIL-PRF-38534 available

Silicon Step Recovery Diodes

Silicon Step Recovery Diodes Flyer