Founded by industry veterans in 2014 to provide RF & Microwave products targeting a global clientele of OEMs, RFuW Engineering, Ltd. offers RF Switches, RF Limiters, Integrated Switch Limiters, Fixed Attenuator Pads, Quartz Spiral Inductors and MIS Chip Capacitors. Visit the RFuW Official Website
RFuW high power SMT switch and limiter modules RFuW Engineering high power SMT switch and limiter modules span frequencies to 12 GHz and handle power levels to 500 Watt (CW). Review the product line-up here.
  RFuW Fact Sheet  RFuW Engineering, Ltd. is a privately held company based in the Federal  Territory of Labuan, Malaysia. It was founded in 2014 by former Aeroflex and  MACOM Senior Management to service a global customer base many whom they  have worked closely with for over two decades.
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