XMA Corporation was established in 2003 through an acquisition of the Omni Spectra® product line from MA/Com Inc, Lowell, Massachusetts. XMA is focused on a wide range of standard products for Military, Aerospace, Test and Measurement, Medical and Telecommunication Equipment applications. These products include, Coaxial Adapters, Attenuators, Directional Couplers, DC Blocks, Dust Caps and Shorts, Equalizers, Power Dividers and Terminations with many connector options and in some cases a maximum frequency range of 65 GHz.  Visit the XMA Official Website
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XMA Corporate Overview      XMA offers a wide variety of coaxial products to support Test & Measurement and production applications.
XMA offers Attenuators and Terminations capable of performing at extremely low temperatures down to 4° Kelvin (-269.15° Celsius), with great stability.
See the XMA Cryogenic Passive products.