XSYSTOR makes peripheral circuits for GaN devices. They are sequencers, controllers, modulators and switches. Visit the XSYSTOR Inc. Official Website
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GaN Controller and Switching Solutions at your Fingertips

XSYSTOR products are miniaturized GaN sequencer and control circuits for CW and Pulsed applications. They come in very flexible formats and kits that eliminate the burden of multilayered board development.

XSYSTOR Flyer This product flyer provides a quick overview of the XSYSTOR Universal Sequencers, Controllers and Fast Switches for GaN transistors.
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Product Support - Application Notes

Application Note 2 - Connecting the Controller and Switch Application Note 4 - Controller Mounting Schemes
Connecting the Controller and Switch Mounting Schemes for the Controller

XSYSTOR can support your GaN integration by advising which of their products will pair with your amplifiers and transistors. For support, contact your local RFMW sales associate.

See here for Product Descriptions including a part number breakdown and typical useage