Part number ACT85610QX101-T Product Type Power Loss Protection Device from Manufacturer Qorvo

Status: Standard | Data Sheet: pdf link image   | RoHS Compliance: Rohs Compliant
Key Features
  • Monolithic design for both PLP and PMIC in one chip
  • All eFuse/Bucks/Boosts FETs are integrated
  • 2.7V ~ 14V Operating Input with 20V Max Blocking
  • Programmable Input UV/OV/OC/SC & Inrush Control
  • 5V ~ 31V Boost Cap Charger
  • 31V / 8A Synchronous High Efficiency Buck
  • 3 x 4A (6A Peak) + 1 x 2A (3A Peak) Bucks
  • 1 x 12V/1A Boost + 1 x 100mA Buck VCC +1 x 300/50mA LDO
  • 7 programmable GPIOs
  • 8 channels 12-bit ADC
  • Storage capacitance check and read

The ACT85610 device is a highly integrated, high configurable multiple output power management unit (PMIC) with built-in power loss protection (PLP) IC. There are four high efficiency Bucks that can supply 3 x 4A and 1 x 2A current with the output as low as 0.6V. In addition, there is a Boost regulator with 12V output and a fixed output Buck to provide the power for IC itself and to supply power to the gate drivers in regulators for maximum efficiency.

Part Number:
Operating Input Range:
2.7 to 14 V
eFuse Abs Max Voltage:
20 V
eFuse FET RDS (on):
17 mOhms
Storage Cap Voltage:
31 V
Maximum Input Current:
10 A
Buck FET RDS (on):
60 - 35 mOhms
Buck Current:
8 A
Buck Operation Frequency:
1500 - 2250, 562 - 1125 kHz
Blocking FET:
30 mOhms
Autonomous Health Monitoring:
12 bit - 8 channels
Package Type:
52L - QFN
6 mm

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