Value Add
Value Added Services make RFMW a cut above the typical distributor. We understand your need for on-time delivery and value because we face the same issues on a daily basis. Our focus on RF devices and technology enables us to meet your expectations with the highest service levels. RFMW value-added capabilities increase product yields, reduce labor content, reduce scrap/rework and tuning, reduce field returns, and reduce lead-times by providing one-stop shopping for RF and Microwave value-added services. RFMW offers a complete range of services for commercial, military, and space requirements.

DIE Services

RFMW offers full DIE handling services including quick, reliable and cost-effective sorting of DIE. RFMW's DIE services help you maintain a consistent flow of DIE to your manufacturing environment in volumes and at the quality level appropriate to your needs while increasing the reliability and manufacturability of COT parts. RFMW provides qualified DIE through 100% visual inspection and Lot Acceptance Testing for space and military level applications.
  • DIE Storage, Packaging, Sorting and Testing
  • Store Wafers (Dry Nitrogen Desiccators)
  • Store gel or waffle packs
  • Capacitors, Diodes (chip and beam lead), Transistors, MMICs
  • Re-plating of DIE Package in Waffle or Gel Packs
  • Automated pick-and-place and manual transfer
  • DIE Visual
  • DC probe of RF Wafers or Discrete DIE
  • Commercial Level
  • Military Level and S-Class to MIL-PRF-19500, MIL-STD-750, MIL-STD-883, MIL- PRF- 38534, MIL-PRF-38535

Tape and Reel

Skilled in-house material handlers provide quick turn-around times, essential in supply chain considerations, for a variety of Surface Mount Device (SMD) components.

Splice Leader and Trailer


Color Marking / Dotting




Lead Trim and Form


Visual Inspection



As a full service distributor, RFMW offers kitting services for your hybrid assembly manufacturing. DIE devices require special handling and environments to ensure long term reliability and high yields. RFMW has the infrastructure to support your needs - from kitting through assembly.
  • Part Storage
  • Stage Kits for Assembly
  • Release full kits per your manufacturing schedule

Program Management

RFMW offers customers dedicated program management and project engineering for the program’s duration. This ability is particularly useful for Class K jobs requiring special documentation, source inspections, design reviews, and project scheduling. A cross-functional team, staffed by people from engineering, quality assurance, manufacturing, materials, and document control, assists the project leader until the customer is completely satisfied with the product and service.

Material Procurement and Logistics

RFMW’s ERP platform combined with product and materials management governs all procurement activity. All procurement activities use lot traceability, inventory aging, and specification control as primary objectives. RFMW works with customers to aid the planning and control of on-time and just-in-time deliverables that aid the entire production flow for both large and small production runs. RFMW’s materials staff works closely with product management and sales personnel to support customer delivery inquiries and status updates. Complete and timely production information is a quick phone call or e-mail away.

Hi-Rel Screening

High reliability RF components are an integral part of the Defense and Aerospace industry. RFMW supplier’s MIL-STD-750 and MIL-STD-833 Environmental Labs support Hi-Rel programs to keep your projects on time and under budget.

Call or e-mail RFMW’s sales department or local sales representative for more information on these options.